Restaurant of Beit al Taybeh

Local food

We offer a local, three course, dinner, cooked by our local cook. She prepares her traditional dishes, like shorbat ades, maglooba and saniye, in our kitchen. We serve it, buffet style, in the restaurant on the roof.

Maglooba for dinner in Beit al Taybeh

Three course menu

For starters there is a soup. The main dish is a local dish with a salad. And there is a dessert. Water, tea and Nescafe are included.
When you book your dinner with us, you can choose, as a group, for a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian menu. The latter has chicken in the main dish.

Happy guests after their dinner in Beit al Taybeh

Have dinner with us

If you like to have dinner we like to know ultimately one day ahead. If you have food restrictions it's important to inform us about it so we can take it in account.

The price for a three course dinner is 16 JOD. Kids under 12 years old have dinner for half the price.

Do you want to try our dinner?

Guest enjoying their breakfast in the courtyard of Beit al Taybeh

Breakfast and dinner in the courtyard

In summertime it is, depending of the size of the group, also possible to have breakfast and dinner at the table in the courtyard.