Guest information

Guest information Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse

Here are a few tips to make your stay as good and comfortable as possible.

Your hosts

When you stay in Beit al Taybeh, Um Rashid (“the mother of Rashid”) and/or Abu Rashid (“the father of Rashid”) will be there to welcome you and show you your room. They  will show their Jordanian hospitality, as I, Jolanda, don’t live in the Guesthouse but I live in Wadi Musa.. 

They are the neighbours of Beit al Taybeh and that is the reason that I will ask you for your check in time. Then I can ask them to go there to be there when you arrive. You can also tell her your breakfast time. Any time you can get in touch with me if needed. You find my number at the bottom.


We have WiFi. The router is in the dinner room on the roof. The signal is strongest there and will reach to some of the rooms. The password is Petra2024!

Drinking water

We have a water purifier in the kitchen. It’s the tiny metal tap on the right side of the sink. So please get your water refill before you head for Petra!

The bathroom

We have a solar boiler on the roof. So when you take a shower, it will take some time for the hot water to get there. (Be aware, the hot water is on the left side of the tap!). Please catch the first cold water in the bucket. We can use it to water the plants or flush the toilet. Jordan is among the world’s most water-poor nations. Therefore water is a real luxury good. Please remember: short showers save water.

On a cloudy day the heater in the boiler should be switched on so please tell Um Rashid when you want to take a shower so she can check that.

If there is no cold water coming from the tap (cold water is on the right side of the tap), the water pump is probably switched off by accident. As this switch is close to light switches. Please tell us so we can fix it.

Please throw the toilet paper in the bin as the pipes are too small to handle the paper.


We try our best to make our footprint as small as possible. Here are a few things we do in order to achieve that.

We supply you with normal sized towels as they take less space in the washing machine and thus need less water.
(If you like to use a big towel, you can ask Um Rashid.)

As we have purified water in the kitchen, you can refill your water bottle. No need to buy plastic bottles.

We collect the caps from used bottles when they are thrown away. When we have enough, we donate them to Green Wheelz. The money they earn with it is spent on wheelchairs for disabled children or playgrounds for kids in Amman. You can put them in this bottle.

Sustainable caps recycling in Beit al Taybeh

Your room

As it is an old house, the windows are very tiny. They have a thin, white, almost see through, small curtain that doesn’t keep the light outside. There are fly screens in the windows.

The locks on the doors are front door locks so please leave your key on the outside (in the lock) when you leave your room (to go to the toilet or the dining room). If you leave it inside and the door closes, you cannot open it anymore as it is locked and the key is inside.

Please switch off the lights when you leave your room. It saves energy (and it helps to keep mosquitos outside when you leave the door open).

WIndow in a room in Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse

Electricity sockets

Each room has an extension box with 4 European sockets and 2 USB sockets. 

Extension box Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse

Dinner in Beit al Taybeh

It’s possible to have dinner in Beit al Taybeh. Um Rashid cooks a three-course meal with soup, a main dish (with chicken or vegetarian) with a salad. And a dessert, which can be fruit. The price is 16 JOD pp. Kids under 12 years old, half price. Water, tea and Nescafe are included.

Preferably let us know before noon if you like to join us for dinner. (Don’t let that stop you from asking if it’s already after noon. Maybe we have a reservation, and you can still join the dinner).

If you have dietary restrictions, please inform us so we can take them into account.

ATM close to Beit al Taybeh

On the Kingsway, you can find the ATM of the Housing bank. It’s a 350 meter hike uphill to the bank from Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse.

At the entrance of the Petra Visitor centre is an ATM of the Arab bank.

Visit the backery for your lunch (box)

There is a lovely bakery close to Beit al Taybeh where you can buy some fresh taboun or these stuffed buns (with potato, spinach or zatar) to take to Petra. It’s called “Sahatain for local bread and pastries.”

Sahatain Bakery and ATM in Taybeh

Taxi transfers for your Jordan journey

If you need a taxi transfer, you can send a Whatsapp message to Saleh Helalat (+962 77 92 676 40). Or you can have a look at his Facebook page and send him an inquiry via Messenger.

He is our preferred driver and he organises all the transfers for our guests. Find below some one way prices.

Beit al Taybeh to Petra or Wadi Musa: 10 JOD
Beit al Taybeh to Little Petra: 20 JOD
Beit al Taybeh to Wadi Rum: 40 JOD
Beit al Taybeh to Aqaba city: 45 JOD
Petra Parking to Little Petra : 10 JOD

If your destination is not on this list, you can get in touch with Saleh to ask a quote for your transfers. Saleh can organise your transfers all around the country. 


If we can improve things to make your stay better, please let us know via Whatsapp when you are still here! We will try to do that during your stay.

We highly appreciate if you could share your experiences with the world to help new guests find their way to Beit al Taybeh. You can do that on Tripadvisor, Google or Facebook.

Get in touch

If you have any question or remark, please send a WhatsApp message to Jolanda or Fadi. In case of an emergency, we are available 24/7.

Jolanda +962 77 909 2675

Fadi +962 77 77 333 09