About the start of Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse

The first rooms of, what we now call Beit al Taybeh,  “House of Taybeh”, have been built, on the slope of Batha valley in 1947. They were farmers and next to a room to live in, they also needed a room to keep the food for the animals. More rooms were added, in a rectangle shape, until it was a closed house with a courtyard in the middle. 

When people started building houses in Taybeh village, along the Kings Way, the families moved out of this family house. It was empty for over 20 years and via friends I heard about this place.

When I, Fadi Helalat, first visited in 2019, I immediately saw the rich cultural heritage of this place and I wanted to share that with the many tourists who visit Jordan. They need a place to stay the night when they visit Petra, so a great idea to change it into a guesthouse.

Jolanda Koopman and me started making plans on how to make it a cosy and attractive place to stay. We started fixing the place, furnished the rooms and shared it with the world. 

Fadi Helalat, Beit al Taybeh

Getting around in the guesthouse

And now we are hosting travellers, families and groups, with great pleasure, in this family house full of history.

To enter you first go down the steps and walk through the garden to the front door. It’s still the old, somewhat battered, wooden door. We do have the huge, old, rusty key, unfortunately the lock is gone.

When you step inside, you are in the middle of the house. It gives me the nice  feeling of being embraced by the rooms around the courtyard. They are spread over two floors and give an authentic feeling. The thick, stone walls, the tiny windows with juniper wood frames. 

On the roof we built a restaurant in the same old style as the rest of the building. You have a magnificent view on the surrounding valleys and mountains. Here we serve our guests breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Ahlan wa sahlan, you are so welcome to stay in Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse.

Jolanda, Beit al Taybeh